Reinventing hosting.

Hosting Airbnb travelers in our personal homes has been a passion since 2015. Discussing with them enabled us to understand why they preferred to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel: unparalleled conviviality, living spaces to find and exchange after a beautiful day.
OpenFlats was created 2 years later in order to respond to this growing market: to offer a new type of accommodation - 100% legal - to these travelers in search of a new standard in terms of hospitality. We have developed a hosting experience that we are proud of and that we are constantly improving.

Our values

Our unique approach to hospitality and comfort is reflected
in every space we offer and service we provide

Our architects have designed our spaces to provide a hosting experience beyond your imagination


The Guest Happiness OpenFlats team is at your disposal during your accommodation if needed 7 days a week - 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Our spaces are offered fully equipped with the amenities of a modern apartment


Immerse yourself in the local culture thanks to the tips we recommend.

Appartement Haussmannien Camille Hermand architectures
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